During the international roundtable "Results of the Biennale 2017: The Past and the Future", the First Deputy Minister of Culture, Commissioner of the Ukrainian Pavilion Svitlana Fomenko emphasised the importance of Ukraine's participation in the Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art.

"If you get acquainted with the statistics currently offered by the Venice Biennale, then you’ll, that it’s very powerful. 55 ministers, 10 heads of states visited this event, which in turn shows that this event is far beyond ‘cultural’ and ‘artistic’ and is of political importance”, — said Svitlana Fomenko.

According to Svitlana, the work for preparation for the Ukraine's participation in the Venice Biennale 2019 has already begun. Given the last year experience, the procedure for selecting a curator for the National Cultural Project for the Biennale needs to be improved, namely, regarding the extension of the deadline for submitting curatorial proposals and the clear definition of financial obligations of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and the Project Curator.

"There are many successful ideas, but in their implementation we are faced with technical difficulties that are far from creative ones. These are: negotiations with the City Hall of Venice, search of the staff for the Pavilion, logistics, which need to be taken into account. We recall that under the new rules of the Venice Biennale, a Governmental institution must be the Commissioner of the National Pavilion, and in our case, it's the Ministry of Culture. The curator is chosen by the Competitive Committee, and we have the suggestion that our Expert Council on Contemporary Art, for example, could be this consultative and advisory organ, that will take on the selection function and institutionalise it. This year, we have already begun the work on the selection of locations for the National Pavilion in Venice. That way, at the time when the curator will be under the process of selection, a technical task for the project will already be determined”, — said Svitlana Fomenko.

Svitlana Fomenko also said that last year two main communication events were held at the Venice Biennale: the Opening Ceremony of the National Pavilion and "Tavola Aperta” — a latest idea of the Biennial curator for artistic discussions, in which 19 national pavilions took part and 68 conference tables were held.

“We don’t know whether those event formats will be supported by the new curator this year, but we think that the experience has been successful and so should be continued," added the Commissioner of the Ukrainian Pavilion.