We, the Open Group, address all Ukrainian artists as "a single imaginary community" and at the same time everyone who feels marginalized or isolated from the process. Regardless of mediums, ideas, education and age, we invite all Ukrainian artists to take part in the project of the National pavilion of Ukraine at the 58th Biennale in Venice by filling out the application form, and to throw a shadow of "Dream" (“Mriya”) on the gardens of Giardini. It is worth noting that it won’t be a selection of artists: in the final list of participants will be considered anyone who correctly filled out the application form.

The National Pavilion of Ukraine at the 58th International Art Exhibition in Venice will focus on the concept of myth, its significance and influence on Ukrainian contemporary art. The story of “Dream” will serve as an allegory for the presence in Venice. The shadow over Giardini is a frank illustration of the dynamics of power in contemporary art world. The shadow over Giardini will be a demonstration of the fact that the Biennale is something that can be called into question, something you can throw a shadow at.

Taking into account the events that took place this year while choosing the curator of the Ukrainian pavilion, we can not but point out that a "single list of all artists in Ukraine" as a reflection of a certain cultural community is becoming increasingly abstract and mythologized. Perhaps, in the end the list will become a set of surnames of people who have nothing in common with each other, except that they found our application or were found by it, because they are artists or decided to present themselves as such. We think of this list as a possible one, but, perhaps, an "endless" one, that has a potential to initiate a necessary dialogue within the community.

Open group

The data of all participants will be stored on a hard disk, which will be located in the cargo compartment of the AN-225 aircraft during the flight. On the 9th of May 2019, the plane will depart from Kyiv to Venice and throw a shadow on the Giardini gardens, after which the plane will return to Ukraine.

The data will also be used in the exhibition at the National Pavilion of Ukraine, which will be located in the Venice Arsenale this year.

As a result, all data will be archived and presented as a separate book within the catalog of the National Pavilion.

All artists and art groups, that have submitted their applications correctly, will be participants of the exhibition at the National Pavilion of Ukraine in Venice from May 11 to October 24, 2019.

Applications for participation in the project The Shadow of Dream* cast upon Giardini della Biennale projects can be submitted from March 1 till April 10, 2019.